*Angela Nordeng*


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I was born in Tonganoxie, Kansas, where my family lived until our trailer flooded when I was four, leaving us to live out of hotels for a couple months. (which was super fun for me, because we ate macaroni and cheese every night)
We eventually settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the town of Houghton (if you're familiar with "the hand diagram," you're not familiar with the UP)
I did my first theatre show, Charlotte's Web, at the age of 11 -- 9 years after my first home video declaration of my life goal of being an actress.
Thanks to my first boyfriend, I found my second love during high school - playing guitar. We broke up after a year, but we both still play guitar.
By the time I graduated high school, I had performed in more stage plays than years of life. My favorite shows that I had the joy of performing in were Steel Magnolias and Metamorphoses (not many shows allow require you to seduce your cast-father and swim simultaneously)
While prepping for Steel Magnolias, I also started prepping for my tonsillectomy. It was one of the most stressful times of my life. After getting my clot test done, and clotting in twice the allowed time to safely get surgery, the surgeon cancelled my procedure, and I was put through numerous blood tests with an oncologist. Luckily, I'm fine... I just have weirdly thin blood.
I moved into my first apartment with my current boyfriend the day that I turned 18
I went to college at Michigan Technological University (a staggering mile from my parents house) for one year, pulling in a 3.7 GPA, with the intention of transferring to a school downstate (now you can use the hand diagram), but moved to Los Angeles at the guidance of one of my professors, and the Dr. Dysart to my Jill Mason (Equus).
I moved into a commune in Granada Hills, where I lived for a month, until I was kicked out for being too opinionated (which basically meant needing more than 3 minutes in the shower)
I lived briefly in Burbank, at which point I started taking classes with Steve Eastin, and took my first class at Upright Citizens Brigade.
I currently live in Pasadena, in an apartment with GNR, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and Zepplin posters lining my walls, guitars in every corner, and more birds than people.
I perform regularly with an improv group named Thrashtown, who are some of the funniest guys I know, most of whom I met during my 401 class at UCB.
I love rock climbing, back packing, swimming, roller blading, and doing anything out doors.
I have mirror-touch synesthesia
I have 5 tattoos - all of which can be hidden under sandals and underwear. I have a comedy muse on one foot, and the drama muse on the other. I have an unprofessionally done gemini symbol on my hip from when I was 17 and just COULDN'T WAIT a year to get a tattoo. I also have a wire wrapping into an infinity symbol, adorned with silhouettes drawn from photos of my birds on my left ankle, and part of an Oscar Wilde quote - "(the truth is) Rarely Pure and Never Simple," on my hip. The Wilde quote was an hommage to my first out-of-state acting job - a feature film titled Vicious, which will be released in early 2015. I got it on my last day of principal photography.
I love reading - my favorite author is John Updike, with Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, and too many others to list, in a close second.
I've been a vegetarian since age 17.
I love cooking and baking.
My favorite bands are Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, RHCP, Blind Melon - and basically anything with strong instrumentals and minimal synth.
I've seen The Room 10 times and I've even met the man from whom it spawned on one glorious, spoon-filled occasion.
That's pretty much it.

Oh, and I love wine.